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Get real-time visibility with device-level energy data and actionable insights that improve operational excellence and business performance.

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How Panoramic Power Works

Our patented sensor technology is coupled with cloud-based analytics to provide insights for optimizing energy management

wireless energy management systems

Wireless, self-powered sensors
By clamping on the outgoing electrical wire from the circuit breaker, the non-invasive sensors harvest the magnetic field as a power source for monitoring the flow of electricity and sending information wirelessly in real-time. No maintenance is ever required on the self powered sensors.


Deployed to deliver real-time data
Hundreds of sensors can be installed in a few hours. Transmitting data wirelessly through the bridge, they deliver energy information every 10 seconds to PowerRadar, the solution's cloud–based analytics platform.


Aggregated and analyzed in an easy to use dashboard
PowerRadar provides users with a powerful interface to monitor, measure, report, and understand electrical energy consumption from the site level to an individual device level. Insight into energy usage enables users to optimize operations, processes and maintenance resources.



Industries We Serve

A wide range of industries is served by our powerful enterprise solution, which helps them reduce energy costs and improve building and facility operations.

Corporate Energy Strategy Is Evolving. Don't Get Left Behind!

Read our orginal report, the Corporate Power Perspective.
Duly applied energy insights provide businesses with the power to maximize assets, comply with regulations, expand production capabilities and control costs in ways that weren’t fathomable just a few years ago.
See how smart businesses are using forward-thinking energy policies and energy-derived operational insights to create key competitive advantages.

The more you understand your energy consumption, the more you can refine and control it to better run your operation. See how >>

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We’d love to show you how our wireless sensor technology coupled with our energy analytics platform can provide unmatched visibility into your facility operations.

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