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Nearly There Energy Efficiency Solutions: Why Submeters Fall Short

by Jon Rabinowitz - July 20, 2017

(Estimated Reading Time: 3.5 Minutes)

Energy management is crucial for organizations looking to reduce waste, improve facility processes and shore up the bottom line. A comprehensive energy insight systems is a powerful way to monitor and manage energy usage.

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5 Practical Tips to Boost Operational Efficiency

by Jon Rabinowitz - July 13, 2017

(Estimated Reading Time: 3 Minutes)

In today's fast-paced business environment, only the most agile companies succeed. That's why streamlining operations and reducing waste is so important.

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How IoT Can Improve Your Manufacturing Maintenance Systems

by Jon Rabinowitz - June 26, 2017

(Estimated Reading Time: 2 Minutes)

In order to accurately forecast equipment issues, your manufacturing maintenance systems need access to as much data as possible. Today, most manufacturers rely on Internet-of-Things sensors to provide that information. 

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4 Ways IoT is Transforming Manufacturing Analysis

by Jon Rabinowitz - June 19, 2017

(Estimated Reading Time: 2 Minutes)

According to PricewaterhouseCoopers, more than one-third (35%) of U.S. manufacturers currently use the Internet of Things (IoT) to collect information about their operations, but how is that technology affecting manufacturing analysis? 

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Is Energy Monitoring Mission Critical?

by Melissa Ofri - June 13, 2017

(Estimated Reading Time: 3 Minutes)

By now, there should be no doubt that energy optimization efforts can have a major impact on your business. The fact that electricity prices are expected to rise 30% by 2021 makes energy monitoring even more important. But is it a mission critical activity?

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[Webinar Recap] When Machines Talk: Using Data to Communicate with Critical Assets

by Jon Rabinowitz - June 6, 2017

(Estimated Reading Time: 3 Minutes)

Some issues with an operation’s assets can be seen with the naked eye – but what’s going on beneath the surface? How can we know what these assets are saying?

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5 Benefits of Granular Energy Monitoring

by Jon Rabinowitz - May 30, 2017

(Estimated Reading Time: 2.5 Minutes)

Today, with the nichification of business, our economies and our very professions have become hyper specialized. An outgrowth of this relentless struggle for comparative advantage is that our perspectives – as people and professionals – have narrowed.

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5 Ways to Derive Value From Asset Performance Management Data

by Jon Rabinowitz - May 23, 2017

(Estimated Reading Time: 1.5 Minutes)

On it's own, raw, unprocessed asset performance management data can't provide actionable insight into facility operations. To improve performance and extract needles of operational meaning from the data haystack, you'll need to visualize information streams and run analyses.

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The Corporate Power Perspective: Evaluating Strategic Energy

by Jon Rabinowitz - April 26, 2017

(Estimated Reading Time: 2 Minutes)

It goes without saying that all industries need energy to function. It also goes without saying that energy can be a costly burden. However, this doesn’t mean that companies can’t take control. All it takes is a thorough understanding of how energy is used in order to reel it in and turn it into a strategic and perpetual resource.

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Panoramic Power, the leading provider of device level energy management solutions, enables businesses to optimize their energy consumption and improve system level performance and facility operations. Using an affordable real-time wireless sensor technology and a cloud-base analytics solution, companies across a wide range of industries gain critical and continuous insights into their energy usage and are able to optimize operations, processes and maintenance resources.