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The abundance of energy monitoring solutions, submeters and building management solutions calls for a technology solution that can be a one-stop platform for all energy management needs. Panoramic Power’s energy management technologies deliver industry leading device-level energy intelligence and visibility. A pioneer in the industry, our overall solution consists of a highly scalable real time data collection platform and a powerful online cloud based, data analytics engine and web application designed for device level data. Our unique non-invasive wireless sensors enable organizations to quickly, cost effectively and seamlessly collect real time energy consumption data for an unlimited number of individual loads within a facility without disrupting the business operation.

Our patented wireless self-powered energy management sensors require no maintenance to operate and can be installed in a retail chain location in less than an hour. Data from the wireless sensors is sent directly to the cloud, via a communication bridge. The bridge is connected to any standard network. Our PowerRadar cloud-based online analytics platform stores the data and helps to derive detailed actionable insights at the device level. Data can be analyzed historically or in real time, and insights and reports can be provided to any stakeholder in the organization. Our role based business engine delivers real time alerts to any PC or mobile device, or users can schedule reports to be sent via email. Typical installations can reach thousands or tens of thousands of end points across hundreds of sites.


Features and Benefits
  • Easy to deploy wireless energy management systems: Self powered, miniature wireless current sensors to monitor energy consumption at the individual circuit breaker level. Sensor installation is instantaneous and requires no wiring or wire disconnection.
  • Plug and play connection to the network: A communication bridge enabling users to easily link the energy data to the cloud using existing WiFi, Ethernet or Cellular networks. Each bridge can handle an unlimited number of sensors.
  • Cloud based data analytics and storage: Collection storage of 1 minute interval device level energy data. Various graphic online analytic tools to explore the data in any granularity and aggregation level (monthly, by load, by location etc).
  • Real time alerts: Various types of real time alerts distributed via email or text, to indicate specific anomalies in energy consumption such as off schedule consumption, failure detection or excess consumption
  • Scheduled automatic reports: Report templates or customized reports that are periodically generated and sent to stakeholders summarizing consumption, insights and compare consumption by site, load and/or using calculated benchmarks
  • Easy to use installation tools: Simple software applications easily control and manage the installation process of hundreds of end points across multiple sites
  • Easy integration with existing solutions: Our cloud based platform can easily accept data generated by existing systems such as network connected smart meters, data loggers or building automation systems (BAS).
  • Easy integration with 3rd party Software: A simplified API can be used by partners to export real time data from the Panoramic cloud into other 3rd part software applications

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