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Why Your Business Needs Better Air Compressor Management

by Alex von Braun - August 23, 2017

(Estimated Reading Time: 3.5 Minutes)

How much energy is being wasted by leaks in your compressed air systems? Unfortunately, the answer will never be “none.”

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Wireless CTs: An Overview

by Alex von Braun - May 1, 2017

(Estimated Reading Time: 2.5 Minutes)

Current transformers certainly aren’t a new invention. Since the first prototype was built in 1885, the current transformer (CT) has been an essential component of the system that measures and distributes electrical current.

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How to Measure Energy Productivity

by Alex von Braun - April 3, 2017

(Estimated Reading Time: 2.5 Minutes)

Energy monitoring systems hold tremendous potential for any organization: frequent data reporting allows for granular examination of operational integrity, while wireless, self-powered sensors are designed for easy installation and execution. The result is a lot of game-changing information – so much, in fact, that it can be overwhelming to even decide where to begin or how to comb through it all.

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Advanced Wireless Sensor Technology: What’s What in 2017

by Alex von Braun - March 27, 2017

(Estimated Reading Time: 3 Minutes)

Accessible, affordable and powerful – across every industry, wireless sensor technology has become the default for best-in-class companies to monitor a myriad of interacting factors.

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Why Frequency of Data Reporting is Crucial in Energy Monitoring

by Alex von Braun - December 6, 2016

(Estimated Reading Time: 3 Minutes)

From a 5,000-square-foot office building to a 100,000-square-foot manufacturing plant, energy monitoring can help mitigate an operations’s weaknesses and empower its strengths.

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Panoramic Power, the leading provider of device level energy management solutions, enables businesses to optimize their energy consumption and improve system level performance and facility operations. Using an affordable real-time wireless sensor technology and a cloud-base analytics solution, companies across a wide range of industries gain critical and continuous insights into their energy usage and are able to optimize operations, processes and maintenance resources.

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