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The Role of Energy in Healthcare Management

by Jon Rabinowitz - April 21, 2017

(Estimated Reading Time: 3 Minutes)

For healthcare facilities, energy monitoring and management are essential tools not just to help reduce cost, but to improve operational efficiency. 

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How to Measure Energy Productivity

by Alex von Braun - April 3, 2017

(Estimated Reading Time: 2.5 Minutes)

Energy monitoring systems hold tremendous potential for any organization: frequent data reporting allows for granular examination of operational integrity, while wireless, self-powered sensors are designed for easy installation and execution. The result is a lot of game-changing information – so much, in fact, that it can be overwhelming to even decide where to begin or how to comb through it all.

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Regulations Affecting Healthcare Facility Management

by Jon Rabinowitz - November 7, 2016

(Estimated Reading Time: 3 Minutes)

Hospitals, nursing homes and other healthcare facilities are starting to incorporate new and emerging technologies into their infrastructure. Dependence on these technologies is ever-growing – and the regulations shaping and controlling them are beginning to catch up.

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Healthcare Digitization Allows for Energy-Efficient Facilities

by Safi Oranski - October 20, 2016

(Estimated Reading Time: 1.5 Minutes)

At the heart of the digitization of healthcare is a fundamental change in how hospitals operate. With more "connected" machines now than ever before, device-level insight into electricity consumption isn't just helping facility managers understand where money is flowing, but it's helping these organizations turn a profit as well.

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The Facility Manager: Harnessing The Power of Big Data in Healthcare

by Jon Rabinowitz - October 13, 2016

(Estimated Reading Time: 2.5 Minutes)

In the notoriously high-cost healthcare industry, hospitals and other care centers are seeking to pad their bottom lines while maintaining a quality of service commensurate with the duty entrusted to them.

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Responsible Cost Saving Trends for Efficient Healthcare Management

by Jon Rabinowitz - October 5, 2016

(Estimated Reading Time: 2 Minutes)

The energy needs of healthcare establishments are unlike those of any other industry. The average hospital uses 2.5 times the energy of other commercial buildings. In fact, GreenBiz reports that US healthcare facilities spend $8.8 billion annually on energy. With energy using about half of a healthcare Facility Manager's budget, efficiencies are paramount.

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10 Energy Efficiency Stats that Will Transform your View on Energy Management

by Jon Rabinowitz - April 18, 2016

With information comes great power; with great power comes great responsibility. These 10 figures are not meaningless bits and bytes. They are an impetus to pause and consider your own company’s power management and the responsibility we have to make sure it is more efficient, less wasteful, and an enabler of corporate sustainability.

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Panoramic Power, the leading provider of device level energy management solutions, enables businesses to optimize their energy consumption and improve system level performance and facility operations. Using an affordable real-time wireless sensor technology and a cloud-base analytics solution, companies across a wide range of industries gain critical and continuous insights into their energy usage and are able to optimize operations, processes and maintenance resources.

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