Energy use is one of the largest expenses for healthcare facilities.
Energy efficiency and operational efficiency help reduce rising energy costs at a time when budgets for healthcare facilities are scrutinized. Energy consumption and waste, as well as retrofits and other improvements, can be monitored and reported on a device level.


Device level energy management solutions can help identify energy usage patterns and provide insight on effective reductions.
Panoramic Power’s device level energy asset management systems provides hospitals and medical centers with a way to align with corporate social responsibility goals and ensure energy efficiency that leads to reduced consumption and costs and improved efficiencies and results.

Benefits for Healthcare Facilities

  • Detect equipment failures before they occur
    Predictive maintenance recognizes unusual energy usage patterns and sends alerts for service to avoid the high costs of downtime.
  • Ensure operational excellence
    Live equipment status monitoring and real-time alerts equip healthcare companies with customized efficiency reports that reflect financial, energy, and operational metric improvements.
  • Benchmark devices, systems, buildings, and campuses
    Evaluating data for comparable units uncovers systems that are not functioning properly to detect hidden operational inefficiencies and energy waste and ensure equipment optimization and effectiveness.



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Hospital management could detect equipment failures and malfunctions with real-time alerts

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