Manufacturers need to produce and distribute products quickly and efficiently. Industrial manufacturing companies are facing greater operational and financial burdens than ever before. They are susceptible to out-of-control maintenance costs, system failures, and energy waste. They must ensure that operations and system performance are efficient and harmonized with energy and production goals.

Benefits for Industrial Manufacturers

  • Detect equipment failures before they occur
    Predictive maintenance recognizes unusual energy usage patterns and sends alerts for service to avoid the high costs downtime.
  • Maximize the energy savings of every device and entire plants
    Monitoring the energy consumption of individual devices, systems, and assets identifies inefficiencies, improper usage, and opportunities for savings.
  • Benchmark devices, systems, production lines, and more
    Evaluating data for comparable units uncovers systems that are not functioning properly to detect hidden operational inefficiencies and energy waste.
  • Failure Detection Diagnosis
    Identify when a fault has occurred, and pinpoint the type of fault and its location in real-time
  • Optimize Overall Equipment Effectiveness
    and reliability
  • Increase production yields and calculate costs
    of production per asset or production line


Device level energy management solutions can help connect operational goals with energy performance.

Technological, organizational, and behavioral changes result from optimizing manufacturing processes and the systems running the plants to create the same (or greater) outputs with more efficient energy use.

Panoramic Power’s device level energy asset management systems align with corporate social responsibility goals and Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma, or other management models, and ensure manufacturers’ energy efficiency that leads to reduced consumption and costs and improved efficiencies and results.


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Visibility of consumption is key to understanding our electricity usage and driving improvement

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