Energy is one the most significant recurring expenses in the restaurant business.
As such, gaining visibility into energy usage enables restaurants to eliminate waste, improve processes, and maximize profits.

The quick and effective solution for reducing energy costs is device-level monitoring.
Panoramic Power's device-level, wireless, self-powered sensors are engineered to allow rapid, non-invasive installation with no disturbance of daily operations. Once installed, the sensors become part of the building infrastructure, never requiring maintenance, service, or battery replacement. Panoramic Power helps you overcome the many challenges multi-site food service organizations face. We provide organizations with large numbers of highly dispersed, small facilities with a cost effective, easy to deploy solution that delivers unmatched visibility into each site’s energy landscape.

Benefits for Multi-Site Food Service Chains

  • Maximize energy savings for every location
    Monitoring the energy consumption of individual devices, systems, and assets identifies inefficiencies, improper usage, and opportunities for savings.
  • Detect equipment failures before they occur
    Predictive maintenance recognizes unusual energy usage patterns and sends alerts for service to avoid costly malfunction.
  • Improve operations and promote behavioral change
    Educating on-site staff with comprehensive energy consumption data promotes process improvement and engagement in energy efficiency projects.

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Panoramic Power’s low cost and easy-to-install hardware helps it deliver a very cost-effective granular solution for customers.

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