Panoramic Power® Data Services Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy (the "Privacy Policy") is an integral part of the Terms and Conditions of Power Radar™ Software Services, or Terms and Conditions of Basic Software Services (as applicable, the "Service Terms"), and outlines the privacy practices of Panoramic Power Ltd. ("Panoramic Power") relating to information gathered from users of the Data Services (as such term is defined in the Service Terms) (the "Users"). Capitalized not defined herein shall have the meaning ascribed to them in the Service Terms.

By subscribing, logging in, using the Data Services, or by any other method of voluntarily providing us with your information, the User accepts the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy. If the User does not wish to accept this Privacy Policy, the User must immediately cease making any use of the Data Services.

1.          Collection of Information.

1.1       Types of Information Collected. Panoramic Power gathers information from Users, which may be comprised of both (i) personally identifiable information, which personally identifies the User (“PII”) and (ii) information that is not PII (“Non-PII”). We do not consider the name, title, business address email or telephone number of an organization and/or employee of an organization, when used for business communications to be PII, however, we do consider this to be sensitive business information (the "Business Information"). 

1.2       General. Panoramic Power may collect Information from Users in a variety of ways such as recording data gathered by Panoramic Power's Products, recording data submitted by Users, User's response to notices and/or requests whether provided by the Data Services or otherwise, and automatic collection of information when a User uses the Data Services.

1.3       Collection of PII. Panoramic Power may collect PII (i) automatically when the User uses the Data Services, and/or through the Products, and/or using Cookies (as further detailed below) ("Tracking Information"), or (ii) through the User's submission of such information ("Submitted Information"). PII collected by Panoramic Power may be comprised of information such as basic user profile information such as: private name and surname, email addresses, role at the customer entity and phone number.

1.4       Submission of PII Voluntary. The submission of PII is not mandatory, and a User may always refuse to provide PII, however User is advised that Panoramic Power may not be able to provide the Data Services to such User. User may also have PII amended or deleted according to the terms provided below.

1.5       Collection of Non-PII. Panoramic Power may collect Non-PII Tracking Information as well as Non-PII Submitted Information. Non-PII  collected by Panoramic Power may be comprised of information such as:

1.5.1.        Usage Data (as such term is defined in the Service Terms) collected by the Panoramic Power Products.

1.5.2.        Information related to electrical system, such as device names or model numbers, set points, electricity tariff and electrical hierarchy.

1.5.3.        Analytic Data generated from the Usage Data, in accordance with the Service Terms.

1.5.4.        Internet Protocol (IP) address of the device used to access the Data Services.

1.5.5.        The mobile device unique identifier (such as UDID), of the mobile devices used to access the Data Services.

1.5.6.        Uniform Resource Locator (URL) of the website the User's browser visited before logging in to the Data Services, the URL of the website the User's browser visited after leaving the Data Services, and the URL of the pages you visit within the Data Services.

1.5.7.        The type of browser the User uses to access the Data Services.

1.5.8.         WiFi SSID and encryption method.

2.          Use of Information.

2.1       Use of Non-PII. Non-PII may be used by Panoramic Power in a variety of ways, such as for the following purposes:

2.1.1.        Analysis of the use of the Data Services and Products, improvement of the Data Services and Products, gaining a better understanding of how Users use the Data Services and Products, understanding which services the Users use, marketing purposes, and various other business purposes.

2.1.2.         Generation of averaged data, aggregated data, benchmarks, comparisons or recommendations, and generation of other calculations, derivatives, using, containing or referencing the Non-PII, and aggregation of Non-PII with or without data relating to third parties (all of the foregoing and the product of such activities referred to collectively herein as “Analytic Information”); provided, however, that if the convergence of such information results in the creation of PII, such PII shall be treated as PII hereunder. 

2.2       Use of PII. PII may be used by Panoramic Power to provide the Data Services, to perform under the Service Terms, and for internal business purposes, including:

2.2.1.        The performance of the Data Services, including, without limitation, Data Services related energy calculations required in order to generate mobile notifications, alerts and reports to the user, and otherwise as required to display the results of the Data Services to the User.

2.2.2.        Direct mailing services;

2.2.3.        Processing payments;

2.2.4.        Improving, maintaining and operating the Data Services or the Products;

2.2.5.        Conducting research and development, and correction measures in connection with Data Services or the Products;

2.2.6.        Providing User with products, services, upgrades and additional offerings available from Panoramic Power.

2.2.7.        Providing User with information Panoramic Power believes User would be interested in, such as newsletters, product updates, special offers, campaigns, service renewals and additional promotional materials.

2.2.8.        Answering User's questions and inquiries and other forms of user support.

3.          Sharing Information with Third Parties.

3.1       Sharing PII. Panoramic Power will not share the User's PII with any third party, except as may be permitted by the User, and/or as may be permitted pursuant to Section 3.3.2 below.

3.2       Sharing Non-PII.  Panoramic Power may share the Non-PII, including any Analytic Data and/or Analytic Information, with its other Users and with its business partners, for various business purposes, including, without limitation, enabling them to compare their energy consumption benchmarks. Panoramic Power may use, exploit, transfer, lease, sell or otherwise commercialize Analytic Information for any and all purposes without notice or obligation to the User, provided that Analytic Information does not indicate the identity of the User and does not include Business Information identifying the relevant organization, and the User shall not have a right to consideration or any other right arising from the creation or exploitation of Analytic Information. Panoramic Power may use, exploit, transfer, lease, sell or otherwise commercialize Analytic Data, as permitted under the Service Terms, provided that it does not include Business Information identifying the organization.

3.3       Legal Necessity. Panoramic Power may access and disclose, without notification, any PII or Non-PII it has with respect to a User:

3.3.1.        If required to do so by law according to its understanding of such law (including, but not limited to, in cases of court orders or subpoenas).

3.3.2.        To prevent or investigate suspected fraud, violations of the Service Terms, or any other commercial agreement between the User and Panoramic Power or this Privacy Policy, or activity that Panoramic Power believes may be illegal or may expose Panoramic Power to legal liability.

3.3.3.        Events involving potential threats to the physical safety of any person or property if Panoramic Power believe that the User's information in any way relates to that threat; or

3.3.4.        User's misconduct in connection with one of Panoramic Power’s Products and/or Data Services, including in cases where Panoramic Power believes that such conduct is inappropriate and inconsistent with generally accepted norms of behavior.

It is clarified that Panoramic Power is under no obligation to exercise its rights hereunder and shall not incur any liability with such exercise or lack of exercise of its rights.

3.4       Asset Sale. In the event that Panoramic Power, or any of its businesses, are sold or disposed of, whether by merger, sale of assets or otherwise, and, in the event of bankruptcy or similar insolvency, User PII and Non-PII may be one of the assets sold or merged in connection with such transaction.

4.          Cookies and Other Tracking Methods. To facilitate and customize the User's experience with the Data Services, and to track your use of the Data Services Panoramic Power may utilize cookies and other industry standard technologies including (but not limited to) pixel tags and web beacons. A cookie is a small text file that is stored on a User’s computer for record-keeping purposes which contains information about that User. The cookies Panoramic Power may utilize are intended to (i) save the User's Data Services preferences on the User's browser (e.g. reference temperature), and (ii) allow Panoramic Power to collect Non-PII from the User. Most browsers automatically accept cookies, but User may be able to modify its browser settings to decline cookies. Please note that if User declines or deletes these cookies, some parts of the Data Services may not work properly. Pixel tags and web beacons are tiny graphic images placed on certain web pages, or in emails that allow Panoramic Power to determine whether the User has performed a specific action. When the User accesses these pages or open or click an email, pixel tags and web beacons generate a notice, which does not contain PII, of that action. Pixel tags allow Panoramic to measure and improve its understanding of User traffic and behavior.

5.          Data Access, Correction, Deletion. If a User wishes to access, correct, or delete data collected about it, it may submit a request to the contact info below. Provided the User has provided Panoramic Power with sufficient information to identify it and verify its identity, Panoramic Power will use reasonable efforts to comply with the User's request; however User is advised that the deletion of any portion of the information collected by Panoramic Power may adversely effect the performance of the Data Services, including, without limitation, inability to continue providing the Data Services to such User.

6.          Retention of Data. Panoramic Power's Policy with respect to retention of Usage Data is set forth in the Service Terms. Other than as specified in the Service Terms with respect to the Usage Data retention, Panoramic Power shall not be liable for any failure to retain any data.

7.          Security. Panoramic Power adopts what it believes is appropriate data collection, storage and processing practices and security measures to protect against unauthorized access to PII and Non-PII.

8.          Children's Privacy. Panoramic Power's Data Services are not provided to children, therefore, Panoramic Power does not knowingly collect or maintain information from Users under the age of 13.

9.          U.S.-E.U. Safe Harbor Compliance. Panoramic Power complies with the U.S.-E.U. Safe Harbor Privacy Principles of notice, choice, onward transfer, security, data integrity, access, and enforcement. To learn more about the Safe Harbor program and view our certification, please visit the U.S. Department of Commerce website at We will investigate and attempt to resolve any complaints and disputes submitted to the contact info below. If a complaint or dispute cannot be resolved through our internal process, we agree to participate in the dispute resolution procedures of the American Arbitration Association ( pursuant to the Safe Harbor Principles.

10.       International Users. User is advised to be aware that information Panoramic Power collects will be transferred to, processed and stored in the USA. The data protection laws in the country of storage may differ from those of the country in which User is located, and User's information may be subject to access requests from governments, courts, or law enforcement of such country.

11.       Changes to Privacy Policy. If Panoramic Power decides to change its Privacy Policy, it will post those changes to this Privacy Policy on its Website. Panoramic Power reserves the right to modify this Privacy Policy at any time, so please review it frequently. If Panoramic Power changes this Privacy Policy, it may also decide to notify the User by email, or by other means. If the User does not accept such changes to this Privacy Policy it must immediately cease using the Data Services.

12.       Contact Us. If any clarification is needed with respect to this Privacy Policy, or if a User believes his rights have been breached by Panoramic Power's privacy practices or in connections with the Data Services, Users is invited to contact Panoramic Power at

Panoramic Power Website Privacy Policy

Panoramic Power respects the privacy of the users of this Website. This Privacy Policy outlines the steps Panoramic Power is taking to protect users' privacy and the limitations in doing so.
By registering at our site, logging in, or by any other method of voluntarily providing us with your personal information, you accept the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy.
Collection of Personal Information. Personal information may be collected in one of two ways: (i) Users may submit personal information (such as name, email address, telephone number) while using this Website for the purpose of registering and logging into the site, downloading software or information, applying for a job, requesting information and other uses; (ii) when browsing the Website, a user's IP address is automatically collected by our server. Information referred to under sections (i) shall be referred to herein as "Personal Information" and the information referred to under section (ii) shall be referred to herein as "Tracking Information".

Use of Personal Information

Personal Information is not used or provided to any third party, except as outlined herein. By logging into our site and/or by providing your Personal Information, Panoramic Power assumes you are interested in obtaining more information about our company, its technology and our product offerings. Therefore, Panoramic Power may use your Personal Information solely for the purpose of (i) providing you with products, services, upgrades and additional offerings available on our Website; (ii) providing you with information we believe you would be interested in, such as newsletters, product updates, special offers, campaigns, service renewals and additional promotional materials; or (iii) answering your questions and inquiries.

Use of Tracking Information

Tracking Information is used solely for statistical and web performance analysis with the aim of improving the efficiency and performance of our Website. We do not provide the Tracking Information to any third party and do not use it for any purpose other than as stated above. We may use standard technologies, such as cookies and other HTML tools, to collect information about how you use the Website or to record that you opened an email marketing message, solely for analysis purposes.
Disclosure of Information as Required by Law. We may also be forced to disclose Routing Information or Personal information if required to do so by applicable law or in order to prevent any illegal or harmful activities.
Disclosure of Information as a Result of Reorganization. We may also be forced to disclose Routing Information or Personal information as part of reorganization, restructuring or merger activities, to the extent required to consummate such activities.
Modification or Removal of Personal Information. You may request to modify your Personal Information or ask not to receive additional offers and information at any time by contacting
Links to Third-party Websites. This Website may contain links to third-party Websites. Panoramic Power is not responsible for the privacy practices of such Websites.
Questions. You may contact us with any questions regarding our Privacy Policy at
Amendment of Policy. Panoramic Power reserves the right to amend the terms of this Policy from time to time without notice, by posting the revised terms on the website.

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