In retail, energy is one of the most substantial ongoing operating expenses. In fact, retail companies spend nearly $20 billion on energy each year. Of that, nearly 30% is “excess energy consumption,” or wasted power.

Having implemented energy management solutions for restaurant chains, grocery stores, banking branches, multi-site merchandise retailers, we have developed five tips that, when adhered to, will ensure a successful implementation of your energy management solution.

By following the tips in our white paper, retailers will be able to:

  • Cut Energy Costs
    Learn how to reduce energy waste by benchmarking your chain and identifying inefficiencies and detecting off-hour consumption in real-time
  • Reduce Repair Costs and Prevent Failures though Preventative Maintenance
    Identify unseen problems and predict failures through real-time alert
  • Optimize Operational Efficiencies
    Determine when and which system is not functioning properly at each store to detect hidden operational inefficiencies and energy waste.

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