What can our self-powered, wireless sensors do for you ?

Panoramic Power’s sensor series is made up of non-invasive, self-powered, miniature wireless current sensors. Sensor installation is instantaneous and requires no wiring, no downtime and no maintenance.

Wireless, Self-Powered Snap & Play Sensors

The Panoramic Power sensor series consists of miniature, non-invasive, self-powered wireless current sensors. The sensors clamp on the outgoing circuit breaker wire and are powered by the magnetic fields surrounding the wire. Hundreds of sensors can be installed within a few hours without the need to disconnect power. The high-current sensors allow measurements at any current range or wire gauge.


Deploying Panoramic Power's data collection sensors is a snap, literally.

A Sensor For Every Need...

  • PAN 10PAN 10
  • PAN 12PAN 12
  • PAN 14PAN 14
  • PAN 42PAN 42

Monitor devices wirelessly

Panoramic Power provides a comprehensive range of cost effective and easy to install metering and monitoring tools that transmit real-time energy data to PowerRadar, an advanced cloud-based analytics platform.


  • Self-powered, miniature, wireless current sensors track energy consumption at the individual circuit breaker level. 
  • Sensor installation is instantaneous and requires no wiring, no disconnection, and no downtime.
  • Built-in software applications easily control and manage the installation process of hundreds of end points across multiple sites.



The Bridge

Panoramic Power's bridge utilizes Wi-Fi/ Ethernet network or 3G reception to relay the energy data received from the current and power sensors every 10 seconds to the solution's cloud-based PowerRadar™ analytics platform. Only one bridge is required in order to receive data from all the sensors that are installed within an electrical panel room and each bridge can receive data from over 200 sensors.

Download the Datasheet

Need more information?

We’d love to show you how our wireless sensor technology coupled with our energy analytics platform can provide unmatched visibility into your facility’s operations.

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