Solutions FAQs

Solutions FAQs



Frequently Asked Questions regarding Panoramic Power’s Intelligent Energy Solutions:

The concept of current sensors and wireless sensor technology has been around for a while. What is the technical differentiator of the Panoramic Power solution?
Current sensing is not a new concept. However, miniature, non-invasive and self-powered current sensors is a breakthrough technology in this field. Unlike standard current transformers (CTs) that are commonly used for measuring current, and are wired into a metering device, these sensors are completely wireless. They can be looked at as ‘smart CTs’ that include a built in micro-processor, a radio transmitter and an antenna. They use the energy that they harvest from the magnetic field that surrounds the wire, to measure and transmit the current data. They do not need a battery and can self-power even when the current is a few 100 miliamps. The result is the ability to install and map hundreds of sensors without disruption to the business within a couple of hours, providing immediate value with real time device level data.

You provide real- time, granular device level data.  How can I handle so much data?
Generally, you don’t need to. Our intelligent cloud based analytics platform takes care of it for you. We analyse the data sent from our remote sensor technology and provide actionable insights in terms of real time alerts and periodic reports, which highlight the main problems, inefficiencies, abnormalities and help you focus your activities down to the individual system at specific sites.

My organization contains many sites, devices and personnel. How do I communicate all these insights throughout the organization?
Our solution is a role based solution. Different roles will receive alerts and reports based on the data that is relevant for them. For example, a site manager can receive alerts about a specific device left on at night. A facilities manager will get a periodic report that highlights the sites that received the largest number of alerts.

How do I use your solution to improve the ROI on our energy efficiency activities?
For any activity, whether it is a retrofit of a device or a procedure implementation, you can accurately measure the impact before and after the retrofit was done to get a clear view of the ROI, without any hand waving or speculations, as commonly done. Our software will also help you highlight the opportunities where the ROI will be fastest, to help you make better decisions in terms of where and at what systems to focus on when it comes to energy efficiency activities

If you are only measuring the current, how accurate is your kW accuracy? 
In order to present the energy data in kWh in our web application, we input a constant number for voltage and power factor in our deployment tool. For accurate kWh readings we recommend installation of our power sensor. 

What is the limit to the number of devices I can monitor?
Panoramic Power’s system is the most scalable solution for device level energy management. You can place as many sensors as you like on all the relevant lines within your facility across all the relevant panels. You only need to place a single bridge inside the electrical room in order to receive data from all the sensors that are installed in all panels within that room. A bridge can receive data from over 200 sensors in a single room. As the solution is a cloud solution, the number of measurement points and data storage space is unlimited.

Is my data secure?
Panoramic Power uses all industry best practices and state of the art cloud technologies to protect your data. Your data cannot be viewed by anyone except your own designated personnel. Panoramic Power may use your data anonymously, to create industry benchmarks which are shared and help you compare your energy usage to similar organizations our device level energy data repository is one of the largest in the world, enabling us to calculate realistic and useful industry benchmarks.

If I can already analyse trends and over consumption with my existing submetering solutions or smart meters, why do I need Panoramic Power? 
We enable your smart meters to work more efficiently, with the device level data our sensors provide. Device level monitoring gives you the ability to know not only your consumption trend, but also the consumption, operation and trends of as many individual devices providing you with insights that can immediately be translated into actions which will improve your energy and operational efficiency. We can also integrate with smart meters and combine the data collection platforms you already have with scalable device level monitoring.

Can I connect my existing system to yours?
Yes. We support both a standard API or FTP exchange mechanisms in order to import and export data from the system. Integration is seamless and easy. Panoramic Power helps solve integration challenges through standards-based communication mechanisms and application programming interfaces (APIs). Panoramic Power ensures real-time interoperability between its PowerRadar software and other enterprise applications. PowerRadar is a cloud-based (SaaS) platform that provides users with an easy way to access granular, device level energy data. The system comes complete with a number of features designed to make system integration effortless. Panoramic Power also offers custom integration solutions to guarantee compatibility with almost any sub-system in your facility.

Can I integrate existing meters to your system?
 Yes, electricity now; water and gas in the future.

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