The global regulatory landscape is continuously evolving and has a growing impact on the way organizations across a wide range of verticals approach energy management.

Tighter energy and carbon regulations, and increased stakeholder awareness of sustainability elevate the commercial importance of energy management with firms across the globe. In addition, there is growing momentum for incentives and rebate programs that support renewables and energy efficiency.

Panoramic Power's device level data and PowerRadar's analytics tools help organizations comply with energy management mandates by delivering historical energy data, energy efficiency improvements and customized annual progress reports.

Features & benefits

  • Green building initiatives: Use energy efficiency data to comply with the many initiatives and  financial incentives to promote green building.
  • Energy efficiency regulations: Ensure accurate data and reporting to help comply with regulations and industry standards. Device level energy data supports local, national and global regulations such as: ESOS, The Energy Policy Act (EPAct), Proposition 39, IEE Intelligent Energy Europe, and LEED certification.
  • Industry Standards: Use historical energy consumption data to achieve Energy Star designation and ISO 50001 and 23045.

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Panoramic Power helps us report average daily energy usage to the government on a quarterly basis

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