Lack of visibility into real time energy usage creates a challenge when trying to pinpoint and reduce energy waste.  Optimizing consumption requires actionable data collected and applied on an individual load level basis.

See why best-in-class companies are moving from metering buildings to real time device monitoring...



Eliminate unnecessary and expensive energy usage, and keep business—and corporate social responsibility programs—working intelligently.

It's the small things that make the biggest difference. A sufficiently advanced energy management system is not limited to data from a facility's main power lines or existing building automation systems (BAS).


  • Easy data access: Our non-invasive wireless sensors are easily deployed across all sites and individual devices. Data is collected and stored in the cloud, and monitored online – providing you and your management with complete visibility into your energy consumption.
  • Identify energy saving opportunities in real time: Real time energy monitoring at circuit level helps identify otherwise unknown off schedule or excess energy consumption.
  • Energy initiative prioritization: Make informed energy efficiency retrofit decisions and increase ROI by identifying the specific inefficiency sources across all systems and all sites using benchmarks automatically derived from your own data. Immediately validate the ROI of any initiative
  • Drive green branding and behavioral change:  Increase energy accountability and green awareness by making energy insights visible to all stakeholders within the organization
  • Reduce energy costs through real-time alerts and customized reports
  • Benchmark and report on the site level, as well as on the equipment level

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Energy efficiency is about more than "going green". It's about building a lean, mean business machine. If there's a gap between your energy efficiency reality and goals, we can help you bridge it.

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Panoramic Power’s low cost and easy-to-install hardware helps deliver a very cost-effective granular solution for customers

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