Panoramic Power’s device-level visibility into energy usage enables organizations to save energy costs by proactively controlling and actively managing energy rates by shifting loads in time or by reducing loads in real time. With Panoramic Power, companies are able to predict and benchmark energy usage, and take control over their demand charges. Customers gain complete insight and a true understanding of energy peaks - by measuring the exact peak profile, knowing exactly when a demand peak occurs, at which site, what device is causing it and what needs to be done in order to avoid it – retrospectively and in real time - in order to make intelligent demand charge strategies.

Features & Benefits

  • Understand consumption patterns by using granular device level data consumption profiles and peak demand patterns can be generated and studied on a per site per device level
  • Recommend demand strategies to help reduce charges by leveraging granular device level energy data. Our solution will provide recommendations to optimize demand charges on a per-site per-device granularity
  • Manage Demand Costs by controlling demand energy charges through real-time alerts that identify when thresholds are reached, accompanied by actionable insights on a per-site per-device level
  • Proactively manage demand strategy on a site level factoring seasonal, rate and operational changes

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Panoramic Power expects customers to be able to achieve payback within six to nine months by helping firms identify energy saving and operational improvement opportunities

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