An effective predictive maintenance solution will provide you with the tools needed to extend the life cycle of equipment, optimize performance and reduce maintenance costs with predictive and conditioned based maintenance.

When monitoring the energy-consumption patterns of devices, users identify equipment anomalies, performance drift or overloading with live and remote monitoring at the asset level. Real-time maintenance alerts enable you to avoid unexpected failures of devices, equipment, and systems. Identifying unseen problems and predicting failures before they happen saves thousands of dollars in wasted energy, equipment failures, and maintenance costs.


  • Detect anomolies in real-time, before device failure
  • Automate escalations, notifications and task creation
  • Easily spot equipment problems and trends
  • Schedule and dispatch maintenance and repairs and track tasks from inception to completion
  • Rank maintenance tasks by priority level - adjusting maintenance schedules and addressing pressing issues first first
  • Extend equipment life and reduce near-term capital expenses.

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Before Panoramic, we were blind to our power consumption. Now we can monitor systems in real-time

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