Providing visibility and intelligence through  

Device Level Energy Data Reporting


Advanced Reporting to Improve Operations

Harness the power of reporting to increase energy, operational and maintenance efficiency. PowerRadar's business intelligence reporting platform enables customers to tailor reports to their environments and business needs. Every company has unique ways of operating and different metrics used to manage the business. Use PowerRadar reporting to help determine the Energy Key Performance Indicators (eKPIs) needed in order to streamline operations and improve efficiencies.

With PowerRadar reporting, customers can develop automated and periodical reports (daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly) that compute and visualize those eKPIs.

Value Added Reporting Data


Reporting capabilities that can be directly translated into value creation opportunities include:

  • Compute and summarize machine idle times
  • Calculate the cost of energy per unit produced
  • Predict energy spending based on production planning
  • Benchmark between machines and production lines
  • Trend on increase and decrease of energy spending as a reflection of production
  • Benchmark across commercial spaces normalized by area
  • Analyze off hour consumption
  • Visualize device load tolerances


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Custom Reporting

Our professional services will work with you to understand your eKPIs and operations, and help design reports that fit your needs and your organization’s standards and processes.

Our technical resources will:

  • Spend time with your operation managers to understand processes
  • Define and design with your operations the look and feel of the report

  • Build the report and test results

  • Work with your operations to review the results and apply corrections and changes

Customers are driving value from the automated reports by quickly identifying waste in the form of idle time operations, machines operations out of sync, increase in energy spending period over period, and more.


Need more information?

We’d love to show you how our wireless sensor technology coupled with our energy analytics platform can provide unmatched visibility into your facility’s operations.

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