Embracing the Internet of Energy

University Edition

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New technology is common, new thinking is rare.

—  Sir Peter Blake

The Internet of Energy and applied IoT systems have the potential to bring significant value to higher education institutions, but decision makers must carefully map a strategy and implementation plan in order to realize the value.

university-energy-management.jpgJoin Panoramic Power, and guest speaker Rob Cinq-Mars from the University of New Hampshire, for a 30 minute webinar exploring some of the methods used by universities to improve asset reliability, optimize facility operations and cut energy costs.
Specifically, this webinar will delve into:
The unique energy and operational challenges facing universities
How higher education institutions can ensure compliance with energy and sustainability mandates 
Why soft wording like “green” and “sustainable” have given way to more quantifiable, data-driven terms like improved efficiency,resource optimization” and asset optimization
The reasons behind the embrace of real-time, wireless, cloud-based monitoring of laboratories and equipment
How the University of New Hampshire is taking advantage of this new technology
How universities in general can begin to strategize an IoE implementation

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WEBINAR: Connected Tech & Campus Management

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